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We have fun in Cub Scouts!

Cub Scout Pack 566
Saratoga , Cupertino, and surrounding areas California

Our Members are shown on this map. There is plenty of room for your family too.

Over 40 Years of Excellence in Scouting

Welcome to Cub Scout Pack 566
Boys and Girls, Grades K-5 (566 has older programs through age 21)

This is our backup website.

Sadly our free scouting web site host seems to get overloaded during peak scouting interest (begginning and end of school). This site exists for to cover those days when the primary site is broken. It usualy returns a couple of weekdays later. Sorry for the inconvience. Easiest way to get info about the pack is to call or text 408-676-9847.

Please use our up to date primary website at pack566.org or join566.org

Please use our up to date primary website at pack566.org or join566.org

Please use our up to date primary website at pack566.org or join566.org

Please use our up to date primary website at pack566.org or join566.org

Pack 566 Backup Site Home Page

COVID 19 Summer 2022.

Pack still 566 takes Covid 19 seriously.
We have been meeting live since Aug of 2021.
We require families and visitors 5 and over to be fully vaccinated.
Everyone over 2 will be required to wear a mask during activities.
We will wash our hands and take temperatures as you enter.
We will be meeting at the far left end (next to tennis court) of Kevin Moran Park, Saratoga Thursdays at 7pm during the school year. Upon rain or cold (we will have indoor options at Menlo Church next to Saratoga High availble). Once or Twice a month all year round we have optional weekend activities.

What is Cub Scouting?

BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Scouting is part of one of the largest youth organizations in the United States. Well known sub-parts are Cub Scouts (K-5), Scouting (age 11-18), and Venture Crew (Age 14-21). BSA has had girls participate for decades when they turned 14. At the start of 2019 girls are involved in all units. This make it easy to be one stop shopping in scouting. Note Girl Scouts are a different enity and have a different agenda. Unlike other youth activities lasting just a few months each year, participation in Scouting can be ongoing through adulthood providing experiences, friends, and fun.

Scouting is a year round program. It is light on your pocketbook and time. It complements the public education system to give your children an advantage. Scouting teaches leadership, outdoor skills, community service, respect for everyone, self starting and reliance to name a few. Check out more things we teach in our flyer. It is fun for the entire family. Parents will enjoy their new friends as well and the wealth of knowlege our group has.

Cub Scouts work off a national program. However each Pack brings their own twist. Officially Scouting requires a belief in a supreme being. However, in our Pack we have a don't ask, don't tell policy as the program is wonderful for all youth. Any religious requirements are done in the home as we are a melting pot of different religious opinions and do not discuss them among the Pack. We embelish our program with life skills. For example on our camping trips instead of parents cooking a simple menu are cubs cook a complex meal under adult supervision. We go the extra distance to bring in life skill such as shopping skills, pricing, as well as cooking skills. Our cubs break into small teams so all cubs participate in cooking. And of course they always prepare everyone a fine desert. This style is more work for leaders, but a better experience for our cubs.

A great place to start is to check out our 2 page Flyer where we explain our program


What do Cub Scouts Do?

Cub Scouts do fun things with other kids! We play sports, build fun things like race cars and miniature catapults. We play games and have contests. We perform skits and tell jokes. We explore our community by taking field trips to local places. We perform service to our community. We go on overnight trips that the general public do not have access to do like staying overnight on a submarine or an air craft carrier. We have summer day camps and weekend camping trips. We have fun all year long for many years. We probably don't do all the same things in the following video, but we have similar things and parents can add things that others do.

Where do our members live?

Our Pack has members in Cupertino and Saratoga and the surrounding areas. Centered between HW280 and almost to downtown Saratoga. Our program draws from this wide area as we are active, fun,and teach more life skills, don't focus on any one religion or school,have coed Dens, and are vegatarian friendly.

Why parents should have their children join Pack 566!

It will be great fun and a positive experience. Something to look forward to. A happy place outside of the pressures of school. Cub Scouts will give your children a head start in life. They will have a core group of local friends with whom they can participate in terrific activities in a safe and supervised environment. They will keep these friends for many years to come. Their social skills will improve and they will learn to be a team player as well as a team leader. Their exposure to foods, cultures, ideas, and more will widen. Respect will be given and received. Your children can be introduced to much more of life as the experience of the group usually exceeds that of an individual parent's knowledge, comfort base, or time commitment allows. Cub Scouts can serve as the "village" that will contribute to your childen's growth.

Why Parents should be involved!

There are no paid positions in a Cub Scout Pack. We are all volunteers, mostly serving our own children at the same time. Parents benefit from the adult social experience as you meet many other local parents. Be young again as you work with children. Use your specific knowledge and life experience to teach children in an informal setting. Make the Pack and the community as a whole better with your involvement as others do the same for your children.

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